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The house was built in 1865
for the princely sum of £360.
The first owner was a single lady
who resided here with her servants.
My workshop was originally the
maids quarters; kitchen, scullery,
pantry, and wine cellar.

Our House
(Lower window is my workshop)
Tricia's parents bought the
house in 1946.
Tricia and I have lived here
with her parents since our
marriage 24 years ago.

William's 2nd birthday
William's 2nd birthday 1998

May and Harold
Great-grandma age 87
Great-grandpa age 95

Emily's 1st Birthday
Emily May's 1st birthday 1998

Tricia & Trevor
Tricia & TW
6 miles from home
Woods Lake
On a visit to "their" lake in CA

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