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A group of early examples made in 1989

All the puzzles in the gallery are examples of the many puzzles I have made and are now in collections around the world.

Unfortunately I did not take photographs of every puzzle that I made, and many of the photographs I do have are very poor indeed. Also, some of the puzzles depicted were made early in my puzzle career and the quality of the craftsmanship is an embarrassment to me; but for completeness I have included them. (Perhaps this is no bad thing!). When/if I obtain better photographs of finer quality puzzles then I will replace them.
Another problem... It is not always possible for me to determine the species of woods that I used from viewing the photographs. I have them recorded on my database since every puzzle was sold with a certificate listing the woods used, date and collectors name; but I didn't record this information on the photograph. So...............

If you recognize any of the puzzles from your collection I would be very grateful if you could
send me details from your certificate and, if the image I have included is poor, a better
photograph that I could scan. Likewise if you have a finer example of any of the puzzles.
The majority of the polycube assembly and packing puzzles are based on a 15mm unit cube (ie. cut from 15mm square stick.) This, in my opinion, is the ideal size for play and display, others may disagree, some even believing they are getting less value for their money.
I can assure you that it is very much easier to make a larger version of all of the puzzles simply because the tolerances involved are greater.
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