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I then intend to concentrate on designing and making only secret
opening puzzles.If you are interested in this type of puzzle, and
would like informing when they are available please let me know.
Priority will be given to those who have ordered previously.
"New" collectors will be informed by date of enquiry.

NOTE: I do not accept cash with order....
I bill when puzzle is ready for despatch.

I have closed my Order Book and now maintain a WISH LIST instead.

This form will be delivered by E-mail

Enter your Secret Opening Puzzle interest + any comments here

If and when I have available a secret opening puzzle that you
may be interested in, I will contact you to confirm price and
whether you are still interested and wish to add it to your collection.
In this way there is no commitment on either side and,
for me if not you, stress levels will be much reduced. I am now in
semi-retirement and my desire is to continue to enjoy my fascination
with puzzle design and making.

If you are interested in the many other types of puzzles on my site
then I recommend that you contact one of my friends and fellow
craftsmen/women through my LINKS page. Some of them are now
making a number of the puzzles that appear in my Gallery, and may be
willing to quote you for those that they are not.

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